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Independent Consultant  Brandi Voth

My Profile
Brandi Voth
My Story

 I blindly stumbled upon this business that has changed my life by struggling with adult cystic acne.  I suppose I have acne to thank for leading me to my purpose.  I decided to become a consultant to get the products at a deeper discount.  Much to my surprise, that business kit came packed full of not only residual income but also self-growth, passion, & purpose. 

Ive built a sales team that spans 17 states in the US and 7 states in Australia.  But, what has been truly lifechanging about this business is the purpose driven people that I have met in this company. 

As a young girl, I dreamt of changing the world, and through this business encouraging me to find my purpose, I am taking steps daily to do so.  I have a heart for educating my community about the global crisis of Human Trafficking as well as contributing to the after care of trafficked survivors. 

Not only am I able to give more than I ever could imagine to this cause thanks to this business, but Im also able to DO more with my ability to work from anywhere. That is truly Life Changing Skincare!

*This is my unique story.  For info re: typical results search Rodan + Fields IDS.*